Demonstration Lessons
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Demonstration Lessons

A demonstration occurs when an experienced teacher shows a beginning teacher the proper use of a strategy, skill, or technique by incorporating it into an actual classroom lesson. The experienced teacher may or may not be the mentor.

Recommended Procedure
The procedure for demonstration lessons is the same as that described for observations in the “Observations and Feedback” section:

  1. Pre-Conference (Planning Conversation)
    The mentor/experienced teacher and beginning teacher determine the goal of the demonstration, and which skills the beginning teacher should look for and record.
  2. Demonstration/Observation – The mentor/experienced teacher demonstrates the designated skills in the classroom while the beginning teacher observes.
  3. Post-Conference (Reflecting Conversation)
    The mentor/experienced teacher and beginning teacher review and analyze what was accomplished by the demonstration and make plans for the beginning teacher to practice the observed skill(s).

When to Use Demonstrations
Appropriate times for demonstration lessons are:

  • At the request of the beginning teacher
  • Following the observation of the beginning teacher by the mentor, and subsequent identification of a technique that could be helpful to the beginning teacher
  • By mutual agreement
  • When the mentor has a specific technique to share



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