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Beginning Educator Support Team

Events - Beginning Educator Support Team

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Mentor Academies:


Mentor Academy 101: Instructional Mentoring - Tools and Skills for Teacher and Student Growth

This three-day training for experienced educators focuses on developing skills to serve in mentoring and coaching roles. The primary emphasis is on supporting instructional growth and development of novice teachers and ESAs, although the skills are transferable to working with veteran educators too. Topics include roles and stances of mentors; skills for holding learning-focused conversations; strategies for conducting observations, gathering data, and providing feedback; effective classroom management; using instructional frameworks to promote growth; and confidentiality. Participants will receive a copy of Mentoring Matters. Days 1 and 2 provide a foundation of skills and knowledge for instructional mentoring. Day 3 reviews and extends mentoring skills and knowledge. View the 3-day Mentor Academy agenda.

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Mentor Academy Day 1-2 Date * Mentor Academy Day 3 Date * Time Location * Registration
 October 30, 20188:30am-3:30pmWoodinvilleClosed
October 18, 20188:30am-3:30pmTri-CitiesClosed
 November 8, 20188:30am-3:30pmCamas Closed
November 1, 20188:30am-3:30pmPuyallupClosed
October 25, 20188:30am-3:30pmBremertonClosed
October 4-5, 2018January 16, 20198:30am-3:30pmYakimaRegister for 3-day Mentor Academy 101
October 23-24, 2018January 23, 20198:30am-3:30pmWenatcheeRegister for 3-day Mentor Academy 101
October 29-30, 2018January 15, 20198:30am-3:30pmOlympiaRegister for 3-day Mentor Academy 101
November 1-2, 2018February 13, 20198:30am-3:30pmSpokaneRegister for 3-day Mentor Academy 101
November 6-7, 2018January 8, 20198:30am-3:30pmVancouverRegister for 3-day Mentor Academy 101

October 16, 20188:30am-3:30pmSpokaneClosed

October 11, 20188:30am-3:30pmFederal WayClosed

October 25, 20188:30am-3:30pmWenatcheeClosed


Mentor Academy 101 - Day 4 (optional): Mentoring Special Ed Teachers

This one-day training focuses on mentoring teachers of special education in their three roles—classroom teacher, case manager for students, and lead for adults in their building. Prerequisite for this academy is prior attendance of Mentor Academy days 1-2 with a commitment to attending day 3.

BEST is currently scheduling day 4 SPED trainings in Federal Way and Wenatchee.


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