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Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism

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The Seattle Sounders, Rave Foundation, The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Office of the Governor have teamed up to record two Public Service Announcements. Check them out:

To request a download version of this PSA, please contact:

Supt. Reykdal and Henry Wingo


Gov. Inslee and Henry Wingo



Download graphic “tiles” to share on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page and select the following captions or tweet content to accompany them:


We’re getting ready for Attendance Awareness Month. How about you? #schooleveryday

Attendance Awareness Month comes in September. Planning starts now: #schooleveryday

We’re building good attendance habits in our schools. How about you? #schooleveryday


If we’re going to reduce the dropout rate, we need to reduce absenteeism: #schooleveryday

3/4ths of students who are chronically absent in 6th grade will dropout of high school: #schooleveryday

A student who is chronically absent in high school is 7.4X more likely to dropout: #schooleveryday

Early learning

Good attendance in preK & K builds academic & social skills for the future: #schooleveryday

Kids who miss too much school in PreK & K are less likely to be @readingby3rd: #schooleveryday

Let’s help students build a habit of good attendance early & often: #schooleveryday


Sometimes good attendance is simply a matter of good health: #schooleveryday

Addressing childhood asthma can help improve attendance & achievement: #schooleveryday


7.5 million students miss 10% of school year nationwide. That’s 135 million days total. #schooleveryday


Quality mentoring can be leveraged as a strategy to improve attendance & academic achievement #schooleveryday

Students who meet with a #mentor regularly make better choices in school & life #schooleveryday

A quality #mentoring program strengthens school-wide strategies to boost attendance in #schooleveryday Be a mentor! #schooleveryday

Ss who meet regularly with their mentors are 37% less likely than their peers to skip a class #schooleveryday


To stay on top of your game, show up to class every day. #AttendTodayAchieveTomorrow

Great attendance is our goal! #SchoolEveryDay #AttendTodayAchieveTomorrow

How do the @SeattleSoundersFC get so good? They show up to practice! #SchoolEveryDay

Being a part of a team means showing up to practice. School is no different. #AttendTodayAchieveTomorrow @SeattleSoundersFC #SchoolEveryDay


Attend Today - Achieve Tomorrow
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Attend Today - Achieve Tomorrow
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School Attendance is Habit Forming image
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Attend Today, Achieve Tommorrow image
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School Practice Games - Attend Today.. Achieve Tommorrow Image
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Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow Image
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Download this Attendance Awareness Month Cover Photo to display on your Facebook Page to help spread the word about Attendance Awareness Month and show your participation.

Attendance Awareness Camppaign image - September 2017

Attendance Awareness Month is September, but the campaign to end chronic absence starts now! It’s a bigger problem than you probably think. Learn more about chronic absence and join the Attendance Awareness Campaign today! #SchoolEveryDay #AttendTodayAchieveTomorrow

Reducing chronic absence plays a key role in improving graduation rates, increasing academic achievement, and giving young people the best chance at success in their adult life. Join the Attendance Awareness Campaign and make a difference for your community: #SchoolEveryDay #AttendTodayAchieveTomorrow

Improving attendance and reducing chronic absence is not rocket science. But it does take commitment, collaboration, and tailored approaches. Each school or community has strengths and challenges. Across the nation, schools, communities, and advocates are taking steps to ensure children are attending school more regularly. K#SchoolEveryDay #AttendTodayAchieveTomorrow

Chronic absence is easily masked by school attendance statistics, even when average daily attendance appears relatively high. Even in a school with 95% daily attendance, 30% of the student population could be chronically absent. How is that possible? #SchoolEveryDay #AttendTodayAchieveTomorrow

Families and schools play a role in reducing the chronic absence rate. But communities across the country are starting to help by building public awareness and leveraging resources. #SchoolEveryDay #AttendTodayAchieveTomorrow

To stay on top of his game, Henry Wingo has to show up at practice EVERY DAY ready to work. School is the same. If a student misses even a couple of days each month, they could miss out on critical learning, making it hard for them to catch up. #SchoolEveryDay #AttendTodayAchieveTomorrow

   Updated 8/29/2018

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