Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism
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Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism

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Strive for Five Attendance Tracker (Grandview). Consider creating something like this for your students and parents based on your school calendar. Help them track their attendance with ease!

Attendance Awareness Planner (Federal Way). Attendance Awareness is not just for September. Use this planning tool from Federal Way to keep attendance at the forefront in your school or district throughout the year.

Attendance System Improvement Guide

OSPI Regular Attendance Data Tool

Attendance Works - A national advocacy organization leading the conversation on chronic absence. Find a plethora of resources and tools to address attendance here.

Get Schooled Attendance Calculator - Use this as an educational tool with students or parents to demonstrate the impact of absences on test scores and chances of graduating.

Webinars on Attendance from OSPI’s Graduation: A Team Effort (GATE) Series

Webinars from the National Student Attendance, Engagement and Success Center (NSAESC) - Find evidence based practices to help students attend every day, be engaged in school, and succeed academically.

Script for Teachers
Washougal school district created a script for their teachers to have supportive conversations with parents about students absences.

Truancy Resources for Parents

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