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Washington Access to Instruction & Measurement (WA-AIM)

WA-Access to Instruction & Measurement (WA-AIM)

The Washington Access to Instruction & Measurement (WA-AIM) is an alternate assessment aligned to the Common Core State Standards for students with significant cognitive challenges. The WA-AIM is built off of Access Point Frameworks that expands upon the mathematics and English language arts Common Core State Standards and the Washington State science standards to provide students with significant cognitive challenges a continuum of entry points to the standards. The WA-AIM will measure student knowledge and skills through the use of twice annual administered performance tasks. The WA-AIM will be used for federal and state accountability in grades 3-8 and 11 and can be used to meet a student’s CIA requirements.

Access Point Frameworks
Access Point Frameworks aligned to the Common Core State Standards have been developed in Mathematics and English Language Arts at grades 3-8 and high school. Access Point Frameworks have been developed from the EALRs at grades five, eight, and high school. The Access Points are the backbone of the WA-AIM alternate assessment.

Educators’ Directions for Administering the WA-Access to Instruction & Measurement

Educators' Guide (PDF)

WA-AIM Trainings
There are multiple formats for educators to participate in WA-Access to Instruction and Measurement training. In person trainings, on-demand videos and informational web modules can be found on our WA-AIM Training page.

Resources for English language arts, mathematics, and science are available to support educators in planning and administering the WA-AIM. These resources will be continually enhanced throughout the year.


WA-AIM Administration Information:

Apr 10: End of administration window.

Apr 13-May 8: WA-AIM Scoring

May 12: WA-AIM Standard Setting Applications due

July 14-16: WA-AIM Standard Setting (SeaTac)

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