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Certificate of Academic Achievement Options

College Admission and AP Test Scores Option

Eligible students may use their scores on the SAT, ACT or ACT Plus Writing tests to meet graduation assessment requirements in math, reading or writing.

In addition, students who earn a score of 3 or higher on specified Advanced Placement (AP) tests or 4 or higher on specified International Baccalaureate (IB) tests may use these scores to meet graduation assessment requirements in math, reading, writing or science.

To be eligible to use this option, the student must have:

  • Taken and not passed the state test(s) at least once in the subject for which the student wants to use this CAA Option; or
  • Transferred into a Washington public high school in the 11th or 12th grade from out of state or an in-state non-public school. Transfer students are eligible to use this CAA Option without taking an EOC or HSPE first. The transfer student’s school must submit an application to OSPI, and this must be approved.

What test scores qualify?
SAT, ACT & ACT Plus Writing Test Scores
Students must meet or exceed one of the following scores in a subject area:

Graduation Assessment Requirement SAT ACT

Math (algebra 1/integrated math 1)

390 16

Math (geometry/integrated math 2)

400 17


350 13


380 15 *
Science (biology) N/A N/A

* Note: To satisfy the requirement for writing, the student must take the ACT Plus Writing.

AP Tests Scores
Students must earn a score of 3 or higher on eligible AP test or 4 or higher on eligible IB tests:

Graduation Assessment Requirement AP Tests IB Tests [must be at the Higher Level (HL)]


Calculus or Statistics Mathematics or Further Mathematics


English Literature and Composition, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Psychology, United States History, World History, United States Government and Politics, or Comparative Government and Politics

Language A: Literature, Language A: Language and Literature, Business and Management, Economics, Geography, History, Information Technology Is a Global Society, Philosophy, Psychology or Social and Cultural Anthropology


English Language and Composition


Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Environmental Science

Biology, Chemistry or Physics

Other Tests
PSAT, ACT Compass, Explore and Plan tests do not qualify for this option.

How does a student access this CAA Option?
To use this CAA Option, a student must meet eligibility requirements and meet or exceed the score for the appropriate test as shown above. The student will work with school staff, who will submit the application and score report to OSPI. A student’s score must be approved by OSPI.

If a student took the SAT, ACT, AP or IB test before taking the HSPE or EOC, can a student submit those scores?
Yes, but the scores will be “banked” until the student is eligible to use the scores. The student must take the EOC or HSPE at least once in the content area(s) for which the student wants to use one of these test scores for the CAA.

May a student get a fee waiver or reimbursement for taking the SAT, ACT or AP tests?

  • SAT and ACT: Eligible students who use the SAT, ACT or ACT Plus Writing tests for purposes of a CAA Option may use a fee voucher when registering for the test.
  • AP and IB: Fee vouchers are not available.

OSPI has arranged with both the ACT and the College Board (SAT) to provide eligible students a fee waiver for taking either the SAT or ACT tests.

To be eligible for a fee waiver or reimbursement, the student must have:

  1. Taken the HSPE or EOC at least once and not met the math, reading or writing standard;
  2. Not met standard on another approved alternative assessment; and
  3. Not received a fee waiver in the past.

To obtain a fee waiver, download the SAT or ACT Free Voucher Application (PDF) and mail it in with your registration. Fee waivers are not available when students register online.

No fee reimbursement is available after a student has registered for and paid for a test. Fee vouchers must be used at the time that the student registers.


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