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Title IV, Part A: Student Support and Academic Enrichment
A new funding opportunity is available to districts that can be used for the arts! The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) contains specific language that allows school districts to utilize Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants (Title IV, Part A) for programs and activities that support student access to a well-rounded education which includes the arts.

National Core Arts Learning Standards
These standards were publically released in June 2014 and include the arts disciplines of dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts.

ESSA: Mapping opportunities for the arts – This report addresses the increased flexibility that ESSA provides to ensure that all students experience a well-rounded education that includes the arts.

The Arts and Dropout Prevention: The Power of Art to Engage
This National Dropout Prevention Center/Network White Paper published in October 2017 provides a look at the value of arts education being considered more intentionally as a dropout prevention strategy.

What School Leaders Can Do to Increase Arts Education
As building-­level leaders, school principals play a key role in ensuring every student receives high-quality and equitable arts learning as part of a well-rounded education. This updated guide offers three concrete actions school leaders can take to increase the arts in education in their schools.

Arts Research Clearinghouse
ArtsEdSearch is an online clearinghouse that collects and summarizes high quality research studies on the impacts of arts education and analyzes their implications for educational policy and practice.

The Arts And the Common Core: A comparison of the National Core Arts Standards and the Common Core State Standards
This report is phase II of research prepared by the College Board for the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards. July, 2014.

Arts Education for America's Students: A Shared Endeavor
The State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education, in partnership with 12 national arts and education organizations, has released this paper that outlines the importance of high quality arts education and those responsible for providing it to students.

Turnaround Arts Initiative - Summary of Key Findings
Turnaround Arts is a public-private partnership that aims to test the hypothesis that strategically implementing high-quality and integrated arts education programming in high-poverty, chronically underperforming schools adds significant value to school-wide reform.

The College Board – The Arts and Common Core
The College Board, in partnership with NCCAS, has just released a new research report that details the alignment of the Common Core with the National Core Arts Standards that are currently being developed. The work, entitled A Review of Connections between The Common Core State Standards and The Next Generation Arts Standards.

Arts Education in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools: 1999-2000 and 2009-10
This report provides national data about arts education for public elementary and secondary schools, elementary classroom teachers, and elementary and secondary music and visual arts specialists. Comparisons with data from the 1999–2000 FRSS arts education study are included where applicable.

The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth: Findings from Four Longitudinal Studies
The study focuses on the potential effects of arts engagement on youth from the lowest quarter of socioeconomic status. Although most of the arts-related benefits in this report applied only to these at-risk youth, some findings also suggest benefits for youth from advantaged backgrounds.

Arts Infused Learning Closes Opportunity Gap
This research report was conducted as part of a U.S. Department of Education grant project between Arts Impact and the Seattle Public Schools.

Roles of Certified Arts Educators, Certified Non-Arts Educators, & Providers of Supplemental Arts Arts Instruction (PDF, 7 MB)
This White Paper from the SEADAE organization outlines the roles of the key partners who are responsible for providing an articulated, coherent, systemic, and sustainable K-12 arts education for all students.

Arts Impact
This program empowers classroom teachers to become confident leaders of standards-based arts lessons that infuse the arts into the core classroom curriculum and improves student learning across the curriculum.

Arts Organizations


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