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  Anne Banks
  Program Supervisor
  (360) 725-4966

  The Arts

The Arts Cadre of Educators

The Arts office at OSPI is eager to identify an arts cadre of educators representing the arts disciplines of dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. The new OSPI Statewide Cadre for The Arts will be comprised of arts educators who have both experience and expertise in one or more of the arts disciplines. Cadre members will have the opportunity to provide input on the arts learning standards, assessments, and implementation supports. Members may also participate in professional learning opportunities at state, regional, and local workshops and conferences.

The cadre will review and provide input on revisions to statewide materials and resources, specifically focusing on:

  • Washington State K-12 The Arts Learning Standards and Arts Options for Implementing the Arts Standards through Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts by Grade Level.
  • A review of the National Core Arts Standards.
  • OSPI-Developed Performance Assessments.
  • Intentional connections across arts disciplines and with other content areas.
  • Identifying helpful resources for the field.

Who Can Apply

  • Arts teachers and other educators directly involved in providing arts education in the disciplines of dance, music, theatre, and/or visual arts aligned to Washington State K-12 Arts Learning Standards.
  • Administrators responsible for The Arts.

How to Apply
Interested applicants must complete the online application. Please have your direct supervisor complete the recommendation/reference form. If you do not have a direct supervisor, please have a colleague who is familiar with your work complete the recommendation/reference form.

Applications are still being accepted for dance and theatre cadre members only.



Applicants will be notified of their application status in July.

Contact Anne Banks, The Arts Program Supervisor
(360) 725-4966,
OSPI TTY number (360) 664-3631

Please Note: OSPI does not compensate cadre members for trainings other than those arranged by OSPI for statewide professional development. If cadre members receive training requests from individual school districts or from regional partners, it is the responsibility of cadre members and their schools or districts to negotiate these requests. If ESDs or individual districts request training support from cadre members, they will be expected to negotiate compensation of the cadre member for expenses such as preparation time, substitute coverage, mileage, meals, lodging, and materials costs.


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