2011 High School Arts Show Winners
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14 State Winners
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Superintendent's Choice

"Cherry Bliss"
Erica Erwin
ESD 123 - Southeast

Washington Art Education Association (WAEA)

"The Swan"
Jennifer Smasne
ESD 101 - Northeast

OSPI Staff Choice

Sergio Sanchez & Andrew Skirko
ESD 171 - North Central

State Board of Education Choice

"Grass Land"
Madison Filan
ESD 123 - Southeast

Professional Educator Standards Board

"Arbor Solitario"
Abbey McMinn
ESD 123 - Southeast

Washington Associaton of School Administrators Choice

"Self Portrait"
Caroline Harrison
ESD 121 - Puget Sound

"The Goat"
Asya Gubskaya
ESD 123 - Southeast

"Radiant Ripples"
Rose Lucas
ESD 123 - Southeast

"Here One Day, Gone the Next"
Maddie Timm
ESD 171 - North Central

Jury Choices

"Joker From Afar"
Keghouhi Bedoyan
ESD 101 - Northeast

Casie Woods
ESD 112 - Southwest

Governor's Choice Award
“Last Look Back”
Becky Joy Orcutt
ESD 121 - Puget Sound

“Forever Fall”
Tyler Ekstrom
ESD 123 - Southeast



“Zebra Joy Ride”
Meka Townsend & Company
ESD 171 - North Central


“The Nature of Flight”
Anna Ulmer
ESD 105 - South Central

Brad Fenbert
ESD 113 - South Sound/Central Coast

Kate Winkler
ESD 114 - Olympic & Kitsap Peninsulas

Gabriela Indivero
ESD 189 - Northwest

The 2011 Gallery is for all to enjoy in this 12-minute video




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