2010 High School Arts Show Winners
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11 State Winners
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Superintendent's Choice

"Divine Adolescence"
Yoni Rodriguez
ESD 105

Washington Art Education Association (WAEA)

Whitney Austin
ESD 112

OSPI Staff Choice

Constance Ierokomos
ESD 112

State Board of Education Choice

"Who Am I?"
Michael Soike
ESD 121

Professional Educator Standards Board

Rafael Vargas

Washington Associaton of School Administrators Choice

"Light in the Darkest of Times"
Julie Storrs
ESD 101

Jury Choices

"One Fish, Two Fish…"
Charlie Hartzog
ESD 112

“Self Control”
Sarah Donley
ESD 189

“Journal of a Most Peculiar Voyage”
Kristi Valentine
ESD 112


“Self Portrait”
Joey Bareither
ESD 171

Governor's Award

Uriel Osorio
ESD 171

“Arching Stream”
Melinda Wilson
ESD 113

"Modern Colors”
Shantia Crowley
ESD 114

Phillip Vukelich
ESD 123




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