Achievement Gap - Members
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Achievement Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee


  • Stacy Gillett, Office of the Education Ombuds (OEO)
  • Sally Brownfield, Tribal Nations-Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs
  • Fiasili Savusa, Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs (Pacific American)
    Mele Aho (alternate)
  • Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self, House of Representatives, Appointed by the Speaker of the House
  • Frieda Takamura, Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs (Asian American)
    Ben Kodama (alternate)
  • Wanda Billingsly, Commission on African American Affairs
    James Smith (alternate)
  • Raquel Ferrell Crowley, Commission on Hispanic Affairs
  • Superintendent Randy Dorn, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
    Deputy Superintendent Gil Mendoza (alternate)
  • Representative Kevin Parker, House of Representatives, Education Committee-appointee for Ranking Minority Member
  • Senator John McCoy, Senate, Appointee for Ranking Minority Member
  • Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos, House of Representatives, Education Committee Chair
  • Senator Steve Hobbs, Senate, Appointed by the President of the Senate
  • Senator Steve Litzow, Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education- Ranking Minority Member

Committee Co-Chairs: Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos, Senator Steve Litzow, Frieda Takamura

About the Committee
The educational opportunity gap oversight and accountability committee is composed of the following members: the chairs and ranking minority members of the house and senate education committees, or their designees; one additional member of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker of the house and one additional member of the senate appointed by the president of the senate; a representative of the office of the education ombuds; a representative of the office of superintendent of public instruction; a representative of federally recognized Indian tribes whose traditional lands and territories lie within the borders of Washington state, designated by the federally recognized tribes; and four members appointed by the governor in consultation with the state ethnic commissions, who represent the following populations: African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islander Americans. 


Old Capitol Building, PO Box 47200, 600 Washington St. S.E., Olympia, WA  98504-7200  (360) 725-6000  TTY (360) 664-3631
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