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Youth Program Quality Improvement (YPQI)

The Youth Program Quality Assessment (PQA) is a validated instrument designed to evaluate the quality of youth programs and identify staff training needs. It has been used in community organizations, schools, camps, and other places where youth have fun, work, and learn with adults.

The Youth PQA evaluates the quality of youth experiences as youth attend workshops and classes, complete group projects, and participate in meetings and regular program activities. For staff, the Youth PQA process is a great way to see what is really happening in their programs and to build professional competencies.

What does the Youth PQA assess?

  • Safe environment
  • Supportive environment
  • Interaction
  • Engagement
  • Youth-centered policies and practices
  • High expectations for youth and staff
  • Access

The goals of the Program Quality Improvement Project (PQIP):

  • To raise knowledge of program quality features and practices
  • To strengthen the skill base and practices of staff at the point of service where youth and adults interact, and
  • To enhance the quality of services provided by 21st CCLC programs

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) Program is pleased to announce, the launch of the Program Quality Improvement Project (PQIP). OSPI recognizes that regular participation in high quality extended learning programs that provide academic and enrichment activities has a positive impact on students’ grades, academic achievement, and social-emotional development, especially for children at risk, and children in poverty.

The purpose of the project is to pilot a process that will build capacity and support for local program services while enhancing program delivery and outcomes for students. The PQIP will assist 21st CCLC programs improve the quality of services using an evidenced based youth program quality assessment and improvement process. The process will include program quality assessment, using data to develop a program quality improvement plan, coaching, and professional development to support targeted improvements.

Programs participating in the PQIP will receive the resources and supports needed to participate in the project. The PQIP is a 12-month process that includes participation in a professional learning community, completion of a program quality assessment, development of a quality improvement plan, and training, and technical assistance. All programs will use the same tool to assess program quality and to create individualized improvement plans to enhance their program.


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